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Lukas Pürmayr  | 1994 | *Reutte in Tirol (AT) | Lives and studies in Nürnberg (DE) 

He startet to learn violonchello and singing in 2002 until 2014 at the musicschool of his hometown. In between this time he played in a youth orchestra based in Reutte. With his musical background Lukas decided to start the band „Art in Process“ with his friends in 2012, where he was lead singer and guitarrist until 2015. Between 2012 and 2015 he was part of several music projects in Reutte and played over 50 shows until 2018. His solo project runs since 2014, in collaboration with different national and international musicians. After his high school graduation, where he focused his interest in drawing and art, he decided to study sociology and philosophy at the University of Graz.

In 2015 he and his friends founded the band „Sleepwalker“, where he played as the lead singer and guitarist until 2017 in Graz. Between 2016 and 2017, „Sleepwalker“ released three singles, and played concerts all over Graz. Beside his studies and the music, Lukas joined the cultural referendum  of the ÖH-University of Graz in 2016, where he was involved in several cultural projects until 2017. Since 2017 he works as a professional event photographer.

Between his first studies sociology and philosophy form 2014 until 2017, he discovered his passion for photography, drawing, and different ways of art. With the 2016 hold drawing festival „The Big Draw“ at the „Kunsthaus Graz“, where he led a workshop-station/art project, he started his carrer as an artist at the age of 21. Following by some projects with the „Kunsthaus Graz“ (Koki Tanaka-exhibition 2017, UNIQA-Familientag 2017) and the „Neue Galerie Graz“ (Ansichtssachen 2017) he decided to focus on the idea of becoming a professional. From 2017 until 2018 he did take part on art projects in Germany, Swiss, France, Belgium and Austria. In 2017 his first illustration was published by „Stereofeder-Magazine“ Zürich, followed by others. Since 2017, Lukas studies Free Art in the class of Heike Baranowsky at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg. Beside his studies in 2018, he started to work as a event photographer for the AdBK Nürnberg.

With his focus on photography, mixed media, music and drawing his work is partly abstract, partly conceptional. In thinking about society and their relationship to politics, philosophy and the ambivialence to objects and living space he tries to capture moments or situations with different materials. As a photographer he is searching for clear and strict contentual lines, which is seen at his current work.

Academic background

2017 – today

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg (DE) in the class of Heike Baranowsky | Free Art

2014 – 2017

Karl Franzens Universität Graz (AT) | Sociology and philosophy.




09.2018  Music arrangement and Photography | „Stereofeder-Magazine“ | Photobastei Zürich (CH)

07.2018  Group exhibition „Jahresausstellung 2018“ | AdBK Nürnberg (DE)

05.2018  Group exhibition „Das Karussell 2018“ | Garnisionsmuseum Graz (AT) 

04.2018  Music arrangement and Photography | „Stereofeder-Magazine“ | Photobastei Zürich (CH)

01.2018  Album Cover-Design | „Superior Street“ | Vienna (AT)

12.2017  Interactive art project | „Ansichtssache: Portäts zeichnen“  | Neue Galerie Graz (AT) 

10.2017  Interactive drawing workshop | „UNIQA-Familientag 2017“ | Kunsthaus Graz (AT)

09.2017  Art Booklet/Magazin Illustration | „Stereofeder Magazine“ | Zürich (CH)

08.2017  Poster/Graphic design for the Shortmovie „80qm“ | Metz (FRA) | Nominated at the shortfilm corner | Festival de Cannes 2018

06.2017  Collaboration and art-project for the „Koki Tanaka Exhibition“ | Kunsthaus Graz (AT)

05.2017  Group exhibition „Das Karussell 2017“ | Garnisionsmuseum Graz (AT)



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