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        KM-2 | Analog Photography               Blue Velvet | Analog Photography | 11×16,5cm fineprint on glossy paper              Silver One | Digital Photography             Buchhand | Digital Photography | 50x50cm fine art print on glossy paper | Edition […]

        Deplaced | Digital Photography             ALL RIGHT RESERVED (C) LUKAS PÜRMAYR 2019 | PICTURES TAKEN IN 2017

      Sometimes | 2017/2018 |137×125 cm | Installation-view Garnisionsmuseum Graz 2018                                     Jahreskatalog 2018 | Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg                                     […]

UNIQA-Familientag 2017

The „UNIQA-Familientag 2017“ on october 2017 at the Kunsthaus Graz was an event for familys and visitors of every age who were invited to explore the museum in an interactive and open way. Besides the artist Gerald Hartwig and the architect Clemens Luster, who have prepared a drawing station at the Needle of the museum, […]

Ansichtssache: Portäts zeichnen

08.12.2017 / Neue Galerie Graz – Universalmuseum Johanneum In december 2017 I get the change to do a interactive drawing – art project in a studio in collaboration with the styrian state museum „Neue Galerie Graz“. Based on the main exhibition „Wer bist du? Portraits aus 200 Jahren“ I try to find a way between the […]