Autor: Lukas Pürmayr


Some of my sketches (the ones i can show in public 😉 ) I normally use sketches for concept works or project / drawing ideas or idea catching. Most of the time they´re very personal. Most of the time not visible.

The Big Draw 2016

In October 2016 I get the change to be a part of the „BIG DRAW FESTIVAL“ @ Kunsthaus Graz and lead a workshop-station/exhibition at this drawing event/group exhibition. My Concept: Based on the Motto STEAM („Science,Technology, Engineering and Maths“), I tried to create an interactive drawing station for every visitor. With the language of drawing, I wanted to […]

LP music

Sogone feat. David Neussl Buy/Download here: Live Recordings Maybe Tomorrow (Live @ Die Kellerei Reutte) Random Blues Jam   I Like You (Live @ Die Kellerei Reutte) A Forrest (Live @ Frauensee)  

LP music

Self made sounds since 2013. Everything between alternative rock, punk, metal and classical music. Played and worked with several musicians from all over Austria and Germany. Art In Process (AT)  Sleepwalker (AT) Youth Orchestra Ausserfern (AT) Missing Link (DE) Meine Lieblingsband (AT) Show/Live-Bands and smaller music projects all over Austria Writing for: Art In Process, […]