Lukas Pürmayr  (*1994, Reutte i. Tirol)

Current towns: Nürnberg / Graz /  Reutteme2

Grew up in the mountains, raised with music, colours, and good friends – landed in Nürnberg, Graz or somewhere. Loves to think and work with contemporary art, drawing, photography and music for some years – more or less creative. Tries to figure out change and resistance, hate and love, personalities and insecurities, passion and loneliness such as interaction in his work. Gladly surrealistic and interactive.


Short References:

  • Studies Free Art and Photography @ Art – Academy Nürnberg (DE) since 2017
  • Studied Sociology, Philosophy and Art-History form 2014-2017 in Graz (AT)
  • Plays and writes with musicians/bands in AT and DE since 2013. Youth choir/orchestra before
  • Worked with/for national and international artists on several projects
  • The Big Draw 2016 in Graz (the world´s largest drawing festival)
  • Art projects and collaboration with state museums in Graz (AT)
  • Learned musical instruments from 2002-2014 @ Landesmusikschule Reutte (AT)
  • Member of the cultural referendum öh-university of graz since 2016
  • Social work with handicapped people from 2012-2014 in Reutte
  • Winner of a youth-sports videocontest 2010 in Tyrol
  • Experiences in group coordination and creative working